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I am Kaveh Mehranvar and I have been living in Canada and the United States for almost 30 years now. For the time being, I’m the owner and investor of more than 10 successful companies in the US and Canada. Some of them are: Rock enterprises Ltd, Kaveh General Trading, Kaveh Investment Group, Porsazan Kaveh, Mystic Entertainment, KMK Enterprises Ltd, K2 Investment Group, Diamond Property Management Group, Ki Media Group, Hawk Enterprises Inc, Sunrise Build & Design Inc. Although I have spent most of my life outside of Iran, I have never been strangers to Iran's business environment. I was born in Velenjak neighborhood of Tehran and I have stayed in the same neighborhood until the age of 11. When my family decided to immigrate to Canada, I came to this country with the them to grow my father’s business. I became interested in business and international trades, due to my father's work. I traveled to Turkey, the United Kingdom, and Canada to study independently, because I wanted to be a successful businessman and being knowledgeable in business fields. Kaveh Mehranvar has vast education and experience in the fields of Investment Risk Management and International Law. After graduation, I founded my first company in Canada which today is considered as a successful international company. During this 30 year of staying abroad, I have traveled to my home country Iran many times for visit and mainly to help managing my father's factory. As a result, I have never been apart from Iran's business environment, and today I have the privilege of owning and running several successful company in the United States and Canada.

my companies - my education

1 My Companies
Rock enterprises Ltd, Kaveh general trading, Kava investment group, Porsazan kaveh, Mystic entertainment, Kmk enterprises Ltd, K2 investment group, Diamond property management group, Ki media group, Hawk enterprises inc, Sunrise build & design inc.
2 My Education
Civil Engineer, Marketing essential, Principles economics, Risk management, Investment fundamentals, Basic financial concepts,
Financial performance, Accounting principles, Essential management skills, Human resource management, Economics and international business, International law, Marketing and communications, Finance and accounting. 

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